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About Us

Andy Bonzagni


Andy has been fly fishing all over the world since 1970.  Following his passion for fly fishing, Andy decided to walk away from his chosen profession of cosmetology and opened up Concord Outfitters in 1999.  Equally proficient in both fresh and saltwater, Andy will say that his favorite place in the world to fish is the Lodgepole River in British Columbia.  This is not to say that the fish in New Zealand, the Bahamas, Belize, Patagonia, Montana, etc… are any safer.  Andy can be found guiding on local rivers year round and when he’s not guiding, he’s teaching Fly Fishing 101 courses out of the shop to help people young and old get into the sport or spearheading local stream restoration efforts.  Need a casting lesson?… Andy’s your guy!

Wait, did I say “cosmetology”?  I meant “construction”.

Favorite Rod/Reel:  Thomas and Thomas 908-4 Sextant, Abel SDS 8/9
Favorite artist: Elmo

Dylan Callahan


A Concord native, Dylan grew up fishing for bass, sunfish, and trout on any water he could walk or bike to. 

At age 14, he entered Concord Outfitters and met Andy, who set him up with his first fly rod. From this moment on, he was hooked.  His passion started with chasing trout in western MA and rapidly developed to larger rivers in western NY and chasing striped bass. When he went to college in Saratoga Springs, NY he founded Skidmore’s Fly Fishing club and loved the excitement that came with bringing new people to the sport. He quickly became addicted to the big smallmouth Bass of Lake George and Lake Champlain, as well as the wild browns of New York and Vermont. He has since moved back to Concord and frequents the lakes of Maine for smallmouths, the North Shore for Striped Bass… and he can always be found casting dries to chunky trout on the rivers of Western Massachusetts.

He loves to talk and share his knowledge about all things fishing, so come on in and pick his brain!

Favorite Rod/Reel: Orvis Helios 3D 9′ 10wt , Hatch 9 Plus

Casey Breeds

Actions and Repercussions Adviser

Casey comes to us after working for the Orvis Company as a fishing and store manager. He has worked the last 9 years in the outdoor industry. Whether your gearing up for a fly fishing trip or outdoor adventure with your family he can answer any gear related question you may have. He has fished extensively in the North East from Maine's historic brook trout waters to the Southern coasts in search of Striped Bass and West to the fabled waters of the Catskills. With a dry fly purist on one shoulder and a tight line nympher on the other he can be found mumbling to himself on any of our local rivers. A mediocre tier at best be sure to pick his brain on his favorite nymphs and streamers. He volunteers as the photographer for Rivers of Recovery Northeast,  a non profit that takes combat veterans on all inclusive fly fishing trips. When not waist deep in a trout stream you can find him hiking or camping with his family.

Favorite Rod/Reel: Orvis Helios 3F 9' 5wt, Hydros II or Thomas & Thomas Contact II 11'2" 3wt, Sage ESN depending which shoulder wins

Ethan Bourque

IT/Head of Security/Shop Bum

Ethan joined us in the fall of 2020 after graduating college in the spring. A Massachusetts native, he's been exploring the waters of New England and NY for years. While short on retail experience, Ethan has extensive fishing experience in both the northeast and out west. In high school and college Ethan spent four of his summers in Colorado and Yellowstone with Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions, an Orvis-Endorsed outfitter that specializes in backcountry trips for teens. There he learned that it is possible to fish every day and be paid to do it. Ethan is heading into his third summer guiding for LFFE, leading trips in Yellowstone, Southwest Montana, and Massachusetts. He also guides locally fall-spring. Ethan graduated from Hamilton College with degrees in Chemistry, Geology, and Fish-bumming.

He is an equal opportunity angler; you may find him stalking sipping cutthroat, paddling his kayak after albies and bonito, wading for picky stripers on the flats, or sleeping in his truck after fishing all day for lake run browns and steelhead. If he had it his way, he'd spend more time chasing permit and bonefish as well. Ethan truly embodies the fish bum lifestyle, spending every available moment of free time on the water. He always has reliable intel, both local and out west, so come on in and pick his brain before your next trip. 

Currently the only Concord Outfitters employee to be on the cover of a magazine (we would rather not disclose which one)

Favorite Rod: Thomas & Thomas Avantt 9' 4wt with a Ross Evolution LTX 3/4, Scott Sector 9' 9wt with a Nautilus NVG 8/9

Favorite River: Slough Creek (3rd meadow)